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Designed for those who want to act quickly and grow in just a few sessions.
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Find the courage

You didn't have enough courage or you don't have it today. Treat yourself to a mini coaching journey to find yourself, explore the scenarios and start again with an extra gear: courage



Take a decision

You think about it day and night, also because you're no longer sleeping, yet you're still undecided and you don't know what to do. Start a quick coaching journey now and take that decision as lightly as you would like

Equilibrio vita privata e professionale.

Finding balance

Do you want to improve the quality of your life? This is the short route for you.

What are you not satisfied with? How much longer can you wait for a change?

Start changing the aspects you don't like about your life now, contact me!


Manage time

Stop telling yourself stories and face yourself. Why didn't you do that thing? And that other one? Is your life really full of setbacks or is there something more? Start a mini coaching journey to eliminate procrastination and guilt by learning how to better manage your time


Eliminate limiting beliefs

What prevents you from being happy and achieving

your goals?

Quickly get rid of all those beliefs that have always limited you and that you may have created on your own. Get started today, contact me!


Stop sabotaging yourself

Do you always screw things up by creating or inventing obstacles that actually aren't even there?

It's time to stop.

Choose this mini path and kick off your new self

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